Your Own Victory Garden

Whether big or small, if possible it's always good to be able to have your own garden. Even if it's just a few pots on the porch or in your window. Here's a list of the benefits of being able to grow your own vegetables and flowers. 

-All the food you grow is organic. You know where it came from, how it was grown and how it was handled. You have all the control in making sure there are no pesticides or chemicals used.

-The more food you grow and eat from your own yard, the less food is taken from the grocery stores. In tough times, which happen sooner or later (think the pandemic in 2020 or the World Wars), it takes the pressure off the food system.

-If it's grown in the garden, there's a good chance it's healthy for you! And probably tastes much fresher and better. That's why many restaurants have their own vegetable gardens. It can't be any fresher.

-It's great exercise and relaxing activity. It's like meditating but making food at the same time.

-It's fun. Make sure you grow things that you either love to eat or love to look at. So if you eat a lot of tomatoes, plant a lot of those. If you love bouquets of roses, well grow some roses. 

-Save money on your food costs. Especially if you buy heirloom seeds, which basically create the same plant again once it has gone to seed. Hybrid seeds are made from crosses, so you are never sure what you're going to get with their seeds. 

-Share the abundance with friends, family and neighbors. 

I can say from personal experience that gardening is one of the most rewarding hobbies you could find.