Our Story

I decided I wanted to start a new business so that when I retired several years from now, I would be able to run a business that I truly enjoyed. But I didn't want to own just any business that sells a bunch of crap that ends up in a landfill. I wanted to do something that added to the world. Because I loved gardening, I thought I would set up a test shop on Etsy. I gave myself about 10 years to develop this gardening shop so I wouldn't feel any pressure to make it work and could take my time. 

Within 24 hours I made my first sale, without any feedback at all. Then another sale. Suddenly, years ahead of schedule, I had a new business. The growth continued and over time, I realized certain flower and houseplant seeds were the biggest sellers.  (Though the Aley Acres Etsy shop still stocks plenty of vegetable seeds.) So the Aley Acres website was set up for just the flower lovers, along with some seeds such as coleus, hypoestes and eucalyptus.

Welcome to our Flower Shop! We hope you enjoy your visit.

Warm regards,

T.L. Aley