An overview of questions about our products.

Do you sell seeds outside of the US?

No sorry. Since a packet of seeds is a relatively inexpensive item, and it's an intensive process to ship that item overseas, we can't ship to international buyers. Each country has their own set of rules relating to agricultural items. Some countries may not even allow the import of seeds. We would have to fill out special paperwork. And the shipping costs are all over the map, literally and figuratively. All of this is unfortunate because of the high demand of seeds outside fo the US.

Free Shipping?

All of our items include free shipping, handling, processing and all that. 

How Fast do You Ship?

We usually fulfill each order within one day.

Does your shipping include tracking numbers?

Yes. Each order has a tracking number. We will be able to tell the date and time your order was dropped off by your local post office. If your order hasn't arrived, but the tracking says it was dropped off, you'll need to contact your local post office to find out what happened since that is out of our hands.

What happens if I buy the same items on both your Etsy shop and this shop?

The inventory is the same on both platforms. So if you buy in both shops, there's a good chance you might exceed our inventory. In that case we would have to cancel one of the orders. Some customers might be trying to get ahold of extra inventory so they might try and double the amount purchased. But you can only buy from one platform to confirm what we have in stock. If in doubt, send us an email.